By Duncan Smith

President Donald Trump (yes, he’s still really our president) has it in for the 10 GOP House members and seven GOP senators who stupidly and falsely blamed him for the Jan. 6 riot.

We’ve heard their BS.

‘Trump incited an insurrection!‘ Trump’s supporters attempted to ‘disrupt the peaceful transition of power’ and he made ’em do it!

What crap. What insanity.

What pathetic excuses for Republicans.

Well, the president — on behalf of his legions of backers — is prepared to do what no other Republican leader has ever sought to do: Purge the party of the self-destructive RINO loser class.

And he’s identified his first ‘target’ so to speak, and frankly it’s about time.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

This RINO woman has bucked her party and her voters more than a bronc rider at a rodeo. And Trump is going to help the GOP excise that cancerous lesion from the Republican body politik.

'I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator,' he said, according to Politico Playbook.

Murkowski was one of the ‘GOP 7’ to vote to convict Trump on the ridiculous, Democrat-led ‘insurrection’ allegation.

She spoke about it to reporters in February.

'I know that my actions, my vote may have political consequences. And I understand that. I absolutely understand that. But I can't be afraid of that,' she said.

Good. We don’t want her or any politician to be ‘afraid.’ We can’t be threatening our political leaders.

But we can primary them, and that’s what Trump’s going to help Alaskan Republicans do.

She’s the only one of the seven up for reelection in 2022. But Trump (and his voters) have good memories.

They will bide their time waiting for the rest of them to come up. #PrimaryTheRINOs

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