By Duncan Smith

Gina Carano has more courage than every single male executive at Disney.

An MMA fighter and former star of “The Mandalorian,” she was fired from the series because she had an opinion the woke corporatists didn’t like.

But a majority of Americans have her back.

The Daily Wire — which hired her to make movies with them — reported:

Americans are rejecting Disney's dive into 'woke' politics, and disapprove of the firing of 'Mandalorian' standout Gina Carano, exclusive polling data has found.

'Corporate America's lunge into 'wokeness' and cancel culture might hit a bump in the road given public reaction to Disney's recent actions,' pollster Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies concluded, assessing data from a recent survey conducted Feb. 26 to Mar. 3.

Among other recent Disney news, participants of all stripes — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — were asked questions concerning Disney's ties to China, the company's threat to abandon doing work in Georgia over pro-life legislation, and the recent firing of Carano over an allegedly offensive social media post. Notably, participants were shown the social media post in question from Carano, and overwhelmingly thought the firing was unjustified — 72%-28%.

'With at least half of Americans opposing each of the Disney actions tested and also being less likely to watch Disney programming, companies may be wise to slow the stampede to 'wokeism,’' Newhouse detailed. 'This data clearly shows that actions like the ones Disney has taken recently definitely have the potential to negatively impact its bottom line.'

Here’s the ‘offending’ tweet:

We have reached the point in America where the rich and powerful are deciding what we can and can’t say, and politicians are letting it happen.

Patriots need to ‘divorce’ ourselves from these lunatics. They are divorcing themselves from us already.

But if we want to preserve our country as is, and we should, the answer is to divorce ourselves from these ‘woke’ corporatists and watch them economically die on the vine.

Like The Daily Wire is trying to help us do by getting into the entertainment industry.

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