By Duncan Smith

Reasonable Americans know that Hunter Biden (pictured above) was making bank thanks to the government of Ukraine.

That same government also bent to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s will when it dropped a corruption investigation into the company that was paying hunter millions to ‘consult’ as a ‘board member.’

Now, Joe Biden appears to be repaying the Ukrainians for their ‘cooperation’ with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Conservative Brief reports:

Joe Biden has only been in the White House for slightly more than a month and he has already found a mountain of cash to send to the Ukraine.

You may remember the small nation of the Ukraine as the one where his son Hunter Biden made tons of cash as an executive for an energy company when he had no experience.

The Biden's closeness with the Ukraine was a major issue during the 2020 presidential election and now the Biden Administration's Department of Defense is providing a $125 million grant to the Ukraine to help its ability to combat Russian aggression, The Daily Caller reported.

But as bad as this apparent payoff is, Conservative Brief points out another outrage: “There are American citizens desperate to pay their bills as businesses remain closed but somehow the Biden administration found $125 million for a foreign nation.”

Trump supporters fretted that if Biden won he would take the country back to the bad old days of business as usual.

It’s actually worse than that. Biden’s handlers are operating like America has become a gigantic reincarnation of the Mafia.

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