By Duncan Smith

It didn’t take long for Joe Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s strict immigration enforcement policies for American citizens to be put in danger of being harmed or killed by criminal elements who shouldn’t even be in the country.

And Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is playing hero again and warning the country of what’s coming.

On Thursday he blasted Joe Biden's 'most radical immigration plan any administration has ever proposed in history.'

'They have proposed allowing every single person who was deported from this country for the last four years to come back. And by the way, they don't make exceptions for criminals, for murderers, for rapists. I mean, it is utterly bizarre to have a federal administration refusing to enforce the law against violent criminals,” he said.

Cruz added, 'And frankly, it makes, it makes our country more dangerous…'

'We are a nation of immigrants and there are wonderful people who come here and come here legally. There's a right way to come,' the Texas senator said. 'But today's Democratic Party has been radicalized where they're you know, they're not even willing to enforce the law against violent criminals who are committing horrific crimes.'

The Democratic left is working overtime with its bare majority to permanently change the country so they can remain in power while destroying our founding. 

Cruz knows that’s exactly the danger we’re in.

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