By Duncan Smith

If you still thought Harvard University is an Ivy League institution whose work and research must still be taken seriously, we have your answer.

Yes and no.

Yes, Havard is Ivy League. No, the institution doesn’t conduct much meaningful, contributory research these days outside of that which can advance a left-wing agenda.

The Blaze reports:

A group of Harvard Medical School researchers are suggesting that one solution for the coronavirus may not actually be based on science, but on social justice.

In a study published earlier this month on the benefits of reparations, researchers concluded that had a slavery reparations program been implemented pre-pandemic, it would have radically reduced coronavirus transmission among black Americans by as much as 31% to 68%.

To arrive at their amazing conclusion, the researchers compared COVID-19 infection rates in the state of Louisiana with the infection rates in South Korea, where a major outbreak was avoided. Yet despite numerous major differences between the two polities, the researchers were apparently only interested in one: “social equity.”

Translation: They plugged their calculations into a strangely non-contextualized formula and — voila! — they found their answer. Payments to black Americans of $250,000 per individual or $800,000 per household would have markedly reduced the infection rate.

Got that? Money, not science, will help end the pandemic

Research is supposed to utilize the scientific method to prove or disprove a theory; it’s not supposed to be designed to support a predetermined outcome.

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