By Duncan Smith

Freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn is a very young man.

At 25, he is barely old enough to be in Congress.

But at his tender age, he seems to understand one of the most important, fundamental liberties contained in the Bill of Rights: The Second Amendment.

It’s been said that the Second Amendment is the one that ensures government upholds all of the others.

No truer words have been spoken. Because without that big stick, the tyrants in D.C. and in statehouses around the country would never respond to We the People speaking softly to try and reason with them.

Speaking of tyrants or, at least, potential tyranny, Cawthorn told Newsmax TV on Friday that the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting ducks, plinking at tin cans, or even self-defense.

It was written to keep our government in check.

‘People have a misunderstanding what the Second Amendment was for,” said Cawthorn. ”The Second Amendment is not so that we could go clay (pigeon) shooting, hunting or have home self-defense. The Second Amendment is so we can stop a tyrant if they ever rise up.

”People who oftentimes say that we would never be able to stop a formal military. Well, I’d love for them to go talk to the Viet Cong. They seem to do a pretty good job when we were there,” he added in reference to the Vietnam War.

So, how did gun rights come to be centered on all the wrong things? Cawthorn as the [right] answer for that, too.

”We really have to blame a lot of our legislators two, three decades ago who tried to make hunting … what the Second Amendment was about,” he said. ”Really, we’ve done a poor job of making so that people understood that Second Amendment is about having weapons that we will be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government.

”The thing I think we need to do is fight this on a cultural level. We need to remind people that their safety is up to them. We need to remind people that given a choice between safety or liberty, we’ll chose liberty every time,” he added.

Such a smart, schooled young man in this fundamental constitutional right. And let his reminder spread far and wide, especially throughout the Biden regime and the Democratic Party, both of which seem to think that the founders believed the right to keep and bear arms against tyrants was just a suggestion.

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