By Duncan Smith

So, the guy who’s now serving as the interim CEO of the newly revived social media platform Parler gave us all a “duh” moment on Wednesday.

Just the News has more:

Parler interim CEO Mark Meckler has been instrumental in bringing the social media platform back online after it was removed from Amazon Web Services, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store last month.

Meckler has previous experience in the tech world through his prior legal work and founding both the Tea Party Patriots and Convention of States Project. He explained to the John Solomon Reports podcast that as a result of people being canceled online he started a project that would prevent them from being deplatformed.

“I’ve been thinking about, during all this cancellation, what we have to do as conservatives or libertarians or just anybody who believes in free speech to protect ourselves in an online world, because we live in a time when if people decide they’re going to send the woke mob after you, you can get canceled or unpersoned,” Meckler said.

'And so people like us needed a way to be safe and secure online, and that involves a project I’m working on called the Stack, which is building everything we need from cloud-hosted servers all the way to the ground. That includes email service providers, and customer resource management providers, includes banking and merchant accounts — everything you would need to survive online, so that you can’t be deplatformed.”

“When Parler went down,” he explained, “I reached out to one of my friends who is one of the majority owners in Parler, just asked if I can help, started helping them to find pieces and put the pieces in place that they needed to get back online. Ultimately, that resulted, over time, in me being the interim CEO.

“And one important correction: Now, I don’t really deserve any credit for getting Parler back online. There is an incredible staff there of folks … they’ve been warriors, they’ve been working literally 18-20 hours a day for weeks to get that stuff back online, and they deserve all the credit.”

Nothing against Meckler at all, but his solution has been obvious now for years.

Ever since the first conservative was de-checkmarked on Twitter and then banned or censored, it’s been patently obvious that other conservatives would follow.

What’s more, as the left-wing woke billionaires began to control more and more of social media and big tech, it was only a matter of time before they would begin exercising their outsized power like tyrants.

It’s good to see Parler back online. Hopefully billionaires who care about liberty and the future of our country will hop on Meckler’s bandwagon and start building a parallel infrastructure the real Nazis can’t take away from us.

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