By Duncan Smith

Most readers are aware that our country and our liberty movement lost our biggest advocate and megaphone, the great Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday.

This is cliche and we know it, but it’s appropriate and true: There will never be another Rush.

Breitbart News has some good stuff:

Conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday morning at the age of 70 following a battle with advanced lung cancer, his wife Kathryn Limbaugh announced at the beginning of his Wednesday radio program.

'It is with profound sadness I must share with you directly that our beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning due to complications from lung cancer,' Kathryn announced.

'Rush will forever be the greatest of all time, she added.

Limbaugh, host of The Rush Limbaugh Show for 32 years, had been battling Stage 4 lung cancer since January 2020. Just days after announcing his diagnosis, Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump during the State of the Union on February 4, 2020 'Rush Limbaugh: Thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country,' Trump told the radio host during the address.

Yes, it’s true — there will never be another Rush.

There will never be another ‘conservative talk show host’ who was so good at understanding the conservative philosophy and who could enunciate and explain it so clearly and so accurately.

He used to brag about how he was right all the time but it wasn’t bragging, he was simply stating a fact.

What didn’t happen, however, and what should have happened, is that so-called ‘establishment Republicans’ only listened to him when it was politically expedient for them, not when they needed to listen.

Rush’s political instincts about what ‘regular’ Americans thought and how they felt about certain issues came from his humble background growing up a Missouri boy. But the Ivy League Beltway boys and girls thought they were smarter and more refined and, in the modern era, lost elections.

When they listened to Rush, they won; when they ignored him, they lost.

But the fact that he is gone now means they will listen to his legacy even less than they listened to his voice — and they will continue to lose.

There is hope, however: Donald Trump.

These two men got to know each other after Trump declared his candidacy in 2015; though Trump was mocked, Rush knew — instinctively — that he was not only going to win the GOP nomination but the election.

And he did.

Both men understood our country better than anyone in the RINO establishment. We may not have Rush with us any longer, but we still have Donald Trump, and that’s the next best thing.

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