By Duncan Smith

Here we go again with this ‘third-party’ business.

A new survey from Gallup claims that two-thirds of Americans are apparently sick and tired of Democrats and Republicans running our country, so they believe a third party would somehow be better.

The Hill reports:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the U.S. needs a third major political party because the GOP and Democratic Party “do such a poor job representing the American people,” according to a new Gallup poll.

In the survey released Monday, 62 percent of Americans said the third party was needed, while 33 percent said the two existing major parties do an “adequate” job representing the majority of Americans’ political views.

It’s the largest percentage of people to say the U.S. needs a third party since Gallup began polling on the question in 2003. The poll also marks the second-lowest percentage of people who said the existing parties are adequate after 26 percent of respondents said so in an October 2013 poll.

The Hill goes on to report that favorability for the two major parties has fallen below 50 percent.

“The Democratic Party is viewed favorably by 48 percent of Americans, while the GOP is viewed favorably by 37 percent,” The Hill reported, citing the survey.

BS. To believe that nearly half of Americans support the continued, demonstrable, and very public failures of the Democrat Party following COVID and last year’s riots is laughable, as is demonstrated by this additional Gallup finding:

Four in 10 Republicans say they want their party to become more conservative after the end of former President Trump‘s term, while 34 percent hope it will stay the same and just 24 percent want it to become more moderate. Democrats are more split, with 34 percent wanting their party to shift left, 34 percent wanting it to remain the same and 31 percent wanting it to shift right.

There are clearly more ‘right-leaning’ Americans than lefties.

Nevertheless, a third party won’t matter one iota.

That’s because ‘the swamp’ that Donald Trump legitimately tried to drain but which ultimately succeeded in cheating him out of a second term would remain in place regardless of who is in charge.

And ‘they’ will continue to run roughshod over our liberties in pursuit of their own objectives in maintaining power.

Political parties are window dressing at this point. They are meaningless. They don’t really matter anymore, as the 2020 election taught us convincingly.

What we must insist upon is this: Whoever is elected has to be willing to do what Trump tried to do: Dismantle the gargantuan military-intelligence deep state.

Otherwise, it won’t matter who we elect, per see. Plus, we don’t live under a parliamentary system; if a ‘third party’ came on the scene, Democrats would find a way to remain united and, thus, would remain in control.

And the only bigger threat to our republic than the deep state is the Marxists who are steadily gaining control over the Democratic Party.

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