By Duncan Smith

As the Big Tech oligarchs continue to prove they’re really the ones running our country and Democrats continue to allow them to do so because the platforms cancel conservatives, states are increasingly stepping into the legal and constitutional void.

Red states, that is, including Texas and Florida.

Just the News has more:

Cameron Sholty, government relations director at the right-leaning Heartland Institute, says as of Feb. 5, 18 states had introduced some form of legislation to ensure that political views aren’t suppressed by what many dub “Big Tech.”

Previously, conservatives hoped Congress might step up enforcement of or tweak Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects companies like Facebook from being legally liable if users create damaging content.

Then-candidate Joe Biden even criticized Section 230 in an early 2020 interview, saying it should be “revoked” for platforms like Facebook that share “falsehoods they know to be false.”

The subject concerns far more than shared memes and baby pictures across the digital landscape, Sholty says.

“I’m reluctant to call social media the modern town square, but let’s be perfectly clear,” Sholty says. “Social media is how many, many people communicate and share their political and religious views.”

Conservatives thought they found an alternative in Parler so many who hadn’t given up completely on social media headed there.

But while that platform only attracted about 20 million or so users (Twitter and Facebook have billions of people on their platforms), that was too much for the oligarchs.

So they deplatformed Parler, which remains offline to this day. And it may never be back online.

Other platforms are making inroads. They include Gab, MeWe, and a new Facebook-like knock-off called Mumblit. And red states aren’t taking any chances waiting to see what happens to them and their millions of users.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is using his successful administration and considerable voice to help lead the charge against Big Tech.

“They can deny you, if you’re a small business … payment processing, the ability to use email and text,” he told Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program last week. “So, you go to a rally that they don’t like or you engage in wrongthink, and all of a sudden, your flower business is decapitated for a month because they take action.”

The fact is, our national government is replete with scumbags, people on the take, authoritarians, functionaries who pad their own nests, as well as rank, open, brazen corruption.

Congress isn’t just broken, it’s irreparable. Democrats and not a few Republicans are responsible.

On the local and state level is where conservatives and patriots must now work to preserve our freedoms and liberties. Let the buffoons in Washington beclown themselves with spectacle impeachments and blow-dried parties.

We the People can, and should, govern ourselves.

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