By Duncan Smith

Republican senators had to endure two days of Democrat House managers try to justify their second impeachment of former President Donald Trump, but by the end of the day Thursday, the BS got to be too much for about a dozen of them.

As lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie “Who the Hell is THIS Guy?” Raskin of Maryland droned on towards the end of the session on Thursday, he made one outrageous claim too many.

He insinuated that the former president’s rallies reeked of violence, which is how he so easily ‘incited’ people to riot at the Capitol Jan. 6…or something like that.

Breitbart News has more:

At least a dozen Republican Senators reportedly walked out of the Senate impeachment trial on Thursday, after lead House impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tried to argue that years of Trump rallies were incitement to violence.

National Review reporter John McCormack reported several Republican Senators left the chamber during part of Raskin's presentation and missed the subsequent argument of Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), who argued that Trump was a future danger.

Raskin tried to claim that Trump's speech on January 6 incited the Capitol riot because he had spent years encouraging supporters to commit acts of violence, or condoning past acts of violence, often using specific coded language to do so.

Specifically, Raskin claimed Trump had incited violence against public officials in the past. He tried, for example, to link Trump to the plot uncovered (by the Trump administration) to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last fall, though one of the alleged plotters was a Black Lives Matter supporter, and another plotter had an anarchist flag and hated police.

Raskin also claimed, falsely, that Trump had praised neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 — a familiar lie known as the 'very fine people' hoax.

In fact, Trump said the neo-Nazis should be 'condemned totally.'

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted that Raskin’s BS was turning off Republican ‘jurors’ (whom he must have thought were stupid or something — certainly enough to make anyone want to walk out).

“On Thursday, managers moved into political realm and probably lost support. Attempted to link Capitol riot to 2016 Trump campaign rallies and controversies during Trump presidency. Raskin called it ‘Donald Trump’s continuing pattern and practice of inciting violence,'” he wrote on Twitter.

“That turned off Republicans. They lived through those events and do not subscribe to Democratic/media characterization of them. So managers probably took a step backward on Thursday.”


Is this sham over yet? Because it should never have started. Trump’s gone — out of office already — though he continues to live rent-free in the heads of Democrats, a party that needs to remain focused on him so Americans don’t pay attention to how their ruining the country.

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