By Duncan Smith

It’s become patently obvious by now to anyone who is willing to look past their hatred of Donald Trump that he had nothing to do with ‘inciting’ the Capitol riot Jan. 6.


Trump showed up, spoke to about 100,000 people gathered in D.C. to hear him rail about the obviously rigged and stolen election and then to “peacefully” march to the Capitol to let elected leaders know how they felt.

He never asked anyone to riot or invade the Capitol Building.

Then again, he didn’t have to because the decision had already been made by scores of people to do that very thing and to goad as many Trump supporters as possible into joining the melee.

U.S. intelligence knew that it was coming; they found posts online for months indicating that trouble was brewing.

But nothing was done about it.

The Wall Street Journal has more:

The elaborate national security network set up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to identify and thwart threats failed ahead of last month's Capitol riot, as law enforcement didn't act on intelligence about potential violence and prevent the assault.

Offices spread across the country that share intelligence among federal, state and local law enforcement pointed out alarming online discussions about weapons in the days before the Jan. 6 rally in Washington. A Federal Bureau of Investigation field office reported a rallying call for war and the sharing of maps of the Capitol. The Department of Homeland Security warned about the heightened potential for violence in the rally's run-up, though mentioned no specific threat for Jan. 6.

While the information was shared, this multipoint warning system broke down, failing to generate sufficient follow-up, as officials spotted and dismissed these signals while missing others entirely, according to interviews with current and former officials and a review of internal government documents.

The result: The extensive local and federal law-enforcement network that protects Washington was never fully prepared, leaving the usually heavily guarded city center vulnerable to attack. That assault came Jan. 6 when a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol as Congress was preparing to certify President Biden's election victory.

'Nothing significant to report,' read a Jan. 5 national summary from DHS's Office of Intelligence and Analysis that was sent to law enforcement across the country.

'There's no explanation that I can give for the failure to produce analytical products that would have predicted what was going to happen. You could see it building,' Frank Taylor, a retired Air Force brigadier general who led DHS's intelligence branch from 2014 to 2017, told the WSJ. 'And the fact that we didn't means that we failed, along with several other agencies. This was a systemic failure.'

We know why it failed: Because our national security apparatus is too big, too burdensome, and too full of careerists who are too fearful of ‘getting it wrong’ and being reprimanded to the point of losing their big, fat pensions.

And this is exactly how the system failed prior to the 9/11 attacks.

We’ll never learn.

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