By Duncan Smith

Activists with Black Lives Matter and other left-wing Marxist groups use race as a cudgel to push their political agenda, which mostly amounts to institutionalizing racism against people who aren’t black.

It’s almost as if these folks have a grudge against non-black America, though non-black Americans, by far, are responsible for getting rid of institutional racism against black America.

And now Joe Biden’s handlers are going to give one of the most powerful law enforcement positions to a woman who has a racist history when it comes to pursuing the interests of black people over all other Americans.

The Washington Free Beacon has the details:

The incoming Justice Department civil rights chief has a history of opposing civil rights prosecutions of black defendants, opposing a complaint against an African-American Democratic leader who discriminated against white voters.

As an NAACP lawyer, Kristen Clarke lambasted the Justice Department for bringing a complaint against an African-American party boss in Mississippi who worked to suppress white votes, according to a federal probe. On a separate occasion, a federal oversight commission investigated claims that Clarke worked with allies at the Justice Department to quash the prosecution of the Black Panthers who menaced voters outside a Philadelphia precinct in 2008.

Clarke’s nomination to an influential Justice Department post will test the Biden administration’s commitment to “equity-based” policy making, which purportedly promotes racial justice by giving special attention to marginalized groups. Clarke’s professional history suggests a staunchly ideological approach to civil rights enforcement where touchstone civil rights laws are applied to advantage some demographic groups but not others.

Clarke made waves in 2007 as an outside critic of the Justice Department’s civil prosecution of a corrupt party leader in Mississippi. A federal judge found that the leader, Ike Brown, violated the Voting Rights Act by suppressing white votes in a rural Mississippi county where whites are the minority. He was found to have pushed election workers to count deficient absentee ballots from blacks but disqualify ballots from whites with the same problems and held rigged caucuses in the homes of friends and supporters.

Of course, Clarke has already raised more than a few eyebrows for promoting insane conspiracies about black racial superiority as a student at Harvard.

The Democratic Party is no longer “Democratic,” if it ever was. It’s a full-blown Marxist party and it is using every lever of division to tear our country apart so they can remake it into just another Commie hellhole with them at the top.

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