By Duncan Smith.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a vile, disgusting human being.

There’s just no other way to describe her.

And never mind that this elderly, crotchety woman is a poster child for term limits.

You may recall in recent weeks Pelosi imposed new rules and restrictions on entering the House chamber.

She did this after the Jan. 6 riots. She did this after she, as Speaker, failed to provide adequate security for the Capitol even as 100s of thousands of people descended on the city to hear then-President Donald Trump’s final speech.

Let me repeat that: Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker, is ultimately in charge of providing security for the U.S. Capitol Complex

She didn’t, obviously. So to compensate for her failure, she engaged in acts of political theater in the aftermath by ordered metal detectors installed at House chamber entrances.

She just did it; she didn’t ask Republicans for any input because she’s a tyrant in addition to a lousy human being.

Oh, and she imposed fines on all who failed to comply — even if the did comply but she just got up on the wrong side of the planet one morning and decided to arbitrarily punish some Republicans anyway.

Like she did with Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas and Andrew Clyde of Georgia this week.

Just had 5 grand taken out of their paychecks. Poof. The next ‘violation’ will cost them 10 grand.

Gohmert defended himself:

Yesterday, after complying with the metal detector screening, I was allowed to enter the House session where debate was occurring. Knowing that I would soon be giving a speech, I stepped off the House floor to use the restroom right beside the Speaker's lobby as I have done many times since the metal detectors have been installed.

At no time until yesterday did anyone mention the need to be wanded after entering the restroom directly in front of the guards. The three main entrances have metal detectors, but the House floor entrance from the Speakers' Lobby does not. Originally I had gone around the metal detectors a few times until it was mandated. I have been complying for weeks since.

'Article 1, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution contains specific language prohibiting Members of Congress from being detained on the way to or from a session of the House,” Gohmert added, noting he’s going go appeal.

If that wasn’t bad enough, of course, Pelosi went on to violate her own stupid, political theater rules.

Did I mention that Pelosi is a disgusting human being? And a tyrant? And she wonders why Americans are so pissed off at Congress.

Here’s what GOP ‘violators’ should do: Give ol’ Nancy the high hard one on the House Chamber floor.

They won’t get their money back, but that video will earn them millions in campaign funds.

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