By Duncan Smith

Former President Trump’s first impeachment was a sham.

Because the garbage mainstream media allowed them to get away with it, Democrats ‘charged’ Trump with something that Joe Biden literally did when he was vice president.

And to the same country — Ukraine.

Trump’s second impeachment is an even bigger sham.

Not only is he charged with essentially being a traitor, but he was also charged without a trial, without being able to present his own witnesses and evidence, and will now be tried unconstitutionally because:

— The chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will not be officiating as required by our founding governing document;

— Trump is no longer in office, so the constitutional remedy for impeachment — removal — is moot.

Americans increasingly know what a s** show this is, a scam, a scandal.

And a very large plurality of voters has no faith that his ‘trial’ in the Senate will be fair.

Just the News has more:

As former Republican Donald Trump’s post-presidency, Senate impeachment trial approaches, 40% of U.S. voters believe the proceeding will likely be unfair, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Four-out-of-10 surveyed said it’s either “not very” or “not at all” likely that Trump “will receive a fair trial.” Forty-eight percent believe he will be treated fairly, while 12% was uncertain.

Questions have been raised about the partiality of the trial in part because Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy, the Senate’s longest-serving member, will preside over the process – after the Supreme Court chief justice, who presides over such matters, said such duty is only for a sitting president. The high court’s chief justice is now John Roberts, a Bush-era appointee. 

The poll results broke down along partisan lines: 74% of Democrats believed Trump would receive a fair trial under that arrangement, while 65% of Republicans felt it unlikely.  [Just 65 percent??]

We think the biggest concern here is whether the elderly Leahy will soil himself during the process.

If he can even stay awake.

Congress, as an institution, is dysfunctional, broken, pathetic. 

And for the most part, it was destroyed by Democrats and their RINO enablers.

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