By Duncan Smith

While Republicans have, in the past, indulged their political allies in the private sector, Democrats are professionals at political patronage.

In fact, they have no shame whatsoever when it comes to paying back and paying off their allies.

They plan to do so again, using taxpayer dollars, as usual. And this time they’re going to disguise their blatant patronage as “COVID-19 relief” — with or without Republican support.

Because Democrats are the Authoritarian Party (as demonstrated by Joe Biden, whose handlers have had him sign a record number of executive actions barely a week into his term).

The Epoch Times has more:

Democrats in Congress are laying the groundwork to use the budget reconciliation process to avoid having to win over any Republicans to pass President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package that some GOP lawmakers have panned as an expensive, unworkable liberal wish-list.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told Democratic senators Wednesday to be ready to vote on the relief bill as early as next week under a so-called 'reconciliation' procedure that would not require any Republican support in a 50-50 split Senate in which Vice President Kamala Harris can cast the tie-breaking vote.

'The work must move forward, preferably with our Republican colleagues, but without them if we must,' Schumer said Wednesday, after a private meeting with Democratic senators.

'Time is of the essence to address this crisis. We're keeping all options open on the table,' he added. …

The sweeping bill includes $400 billion to expand vaccinations and to reopen schools, $1,400 direct payments to households, as well as other priorities, including raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The only ‘crisis’ is that blue cities and states like New York, Illinois, and California are beset with debt made even worse by draconian, never-ending, economy-killing lockdowns.

And getting that debt paid off, compliments of the American taxpayers, is vital don’t you know.

Bloomberg News adds:

President-elect Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief plan would provide a major financial rescue for states and cities, eliminating the need for deep budget cuts that would weigh on the recovery and easing the risk in the municipal-bond market.

The measure proposes $350 billion of emergency aid to states and local governments, enough to more than cover the immediate budget shortfalls caused by shutdowns to contain the virus. It would also extend $20 billion to public transit agencies like New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the subway and bus operator whose revenues have been decimated as Americans work from home.

And what about what this adds to the national debt?

Debt schmebt. 

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