By Duncan Smith

By now, any American with a functional brain stem — that would be every Trump supporter and virtually no Democrats — knows that Joe Biden is beholden to China.

The pre-election reporting by the New York Post and other outlets regarding the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop prove as much.

Insofar as that goes, so-called “mainstream” outlets even reported during the Obama administration that Hunter Biden accompanied his then-VP daddy on Air Force Two on trips to China that, shortly afterward, resulted in lucrative business deals with ChiCom-linked firms.

Many of his staff picks are China-friendly. Hell, even his Asia policy czar is a China ally, the Free Beacon reports:

Kurt Campbell, a former Obama State Department official and businessman, was until August 2020 listed as board vice chairman of the U.S.-China Strong Foundation, ostensibly a nonprofit group that promotes student language exchanges with Beijing but whose leaders included prominent members of the Chinese government's overseas propaganda fronts, according to State Department and Department of Justice records.

Campbell is slated to serve as the chief coordinator for President Joe Biden's Asia policy on the National Security Council, but his leadership role with the foundation is raising concerns with China hawks in Washington. The foundation has promoted the Chinese army and China’s Belt and Road Initiative—deemed a national security threat by U.S. officials. It has also partnered with the Confucius Institute U.S. Center, an educational nonprofit organization that the State Department designated as a foreign mission last summer, citing its promotion of Beijing’s propaganda efforts to academics across the world.

But there’s more danger to this ‘China First’ administration than meets the eye, and a separate report by the Free Beacon on Wednesday provides some additional insight.

Think national security:

The United States Navy launched an expansive buildup under the Trump administration to counter China. But veteran national security officials say the more immediate challenge may come from President Joe Biden.

The battle for control of the seas could play a decisive role in future American-Chinese relations and global stability. China touts the largest naval fleet in the world, with several aircraft carriers under construction over the next decade. Strategy documents from China indicate that it sees the expansion and projection of its naval strength as critical to challenging the United States. A former Trump administration official urged Biden to preserve gains in shipbuilding. …

The Trump administration designed new plans to build up a 500-ship fleet by 2045 and put longterm financial resources into doing just that. In many ways, the effort to rebuild the Navy started from the ground up, as the fleet fell into disrepair during the meager defense spending of the Obama administration. By 2015, America’s fleet shrunk to its smallest levels since World War I with 284 warships. At the end of the Trump administration, the Navy returned to a force size of 299 vessels, with at least 79 future ships under contract for construction.

“Maritime competition is if not the key area of competition, one of the key areas along with cyber and airpower,” the Trump official said. “Do you want to live in a world where the economic and security rules are set by the People’s Republic of China? That’s what’s at stake over the next 10 years or so.”

Look, Biden isn’t Biden, we all know that. 

We also know that Biden isn’t in charge of his White House; it’s likely Susan Rice who is leading an America Last coalition of leftists.

We also know that the left historically has been anti-military and certainly anti-military buildup, preferring instead to plow taxpayer dollars into woke domestic programs that serve as payoffs to the party’s base.

Plus, there’s the “Biden-China connection.”

Will Joe Biden agree to cut spending to protect America from a country who owns him but is hell-bent on dominating us?

We think you already know the answer to that question.

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