By Duncan Smith

Hypocrisy is a requirement…

The reason why the left’s charge that supporters of former President Donald Trump are ‘cultists’ is so laughable is because leftists so demonstrably behave as cultists.

Their media uses the same talking points on any given issue.

Their pundits make the same point and arguments.

Their politicians (Democrats) vote the same way on virtually every issue.

They never self-reflect. They never criticize each other. They are literally always in lockstep — just like a cult.

Trump supporters and conservatives in general, by comparison, are often in disagreement.

Our political leaders regularly defect from their party. 

They self-criticize. They criticize others in their party if they think those members are wrong. They seldom vote as a bloc.

Republicans, conservatives, and supporters of President Trump are the embodiment of independent thought and action free people demonstrate routinely that was envisioned by our founders.

Republicans are not so much members of the GOP as they are anti-Democrats and, therefore, non-cult-like.

Case in point: Democratic leftists blasted Justice Amy Coney Barrett over her devotion to her Catholicism, which they characterized as radical.

But Joe Biden the Catholic is “devout.”

The Daily Wire has more:

On Sunday, President Joe Biden attended Sunday Mass at Holy Trinity, a Roman Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. that he's attended since his days as Vice President.

Soon after, social media and legacy media outlets alike were awash with praise for the 'devout' faith being put on display by the new president. The New York Times called him, 'perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century,' celebrating that a 'more liberal christianity grounds his life and his policies.' 

CNN ran a near celebratory headline, announcing to the world that 'Biden's Catholic faith will be on full display as the first publicly churchgoing president in decades.' 

NBC News touted 'Biden's faith on display,' celebrating this 'renewed presidential ritual,' while the New Yorker praised his 'practice of carrying a rosary,' as indicative of a 'public servant's deep faith.'  

Rather than questioning how President Biden's Catholic faith aligns with his indisputably anti-Catholic positions on issues like abortion, the message from the media was clear: his faith is a humanizing badge of honor, his regular church attendance a sign of consistency worth emulating. …

Just three months ago, the same media praising Biden for his 'devout' faith was working feverishly to convince anyone who would listen that Amy Coney Barrett's strict adherence to Catholic teachings made her a 'radical.' 

So — what’s the real difference here?

Easy; the Democrat left’s cult of abortion.

That’s it. That’s the only reason why Democratic cultists, most of whom are atheists at best tolerate Biden’s Catholicism but not Barrett’s; she accepts all of the Catholic Church’s teachings, which includes opposition to abortion. Barrett shuns the ‘liberal Christian’ parts of her Church, while Biden…does not.

Mindless hypocrisy is a requirement to be a Democrat.

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