By Duncan Smith

Is this some kind of record…?

Well, it’s Friday, Day Two of the Joe Biden administration, and how’s it going for him?

Not really too well, all things considered.

Two days in and Biden’s already violated one of his executive orders and pissed off (and dumped on) National Guard troops sent to protect him during his inaugural.

Breitbart News’ John Nolte has more:

His Fraudulency Joe Biden has only been president a few days and already he's betrayed our troops and proven he does not believe his own mask mandate is necessary.

Apparently it happened like this… Just like His Fraudulency and His Fraudulency's dim-witted Press Secretary, a member of the National Guard was not wearing a mask on federal property and some Democrat congressperson freaked out. This resulted in those National Guard troops charged with guarding the U.S. Capitol (from a non-existent threat) being forced into the Capitol's underground parking garage.

Here’s photographic evidence:

“How do you like that under His Fraudulency's administration terrorists at Guantanamo Bay have better accommodations than our own warriors?” Nolte asks.

The 25,000-odd troops deployed to DC for Biden’s inaugural were political props, pure and simple.

Even the AP reported that there was never a credible threat to him or plot to disrupt his ascendency to the deep state throne.

The message Biden’s thugs were trying to send, though, was more important:


b) Trump’s supporters are dangerous insurrectionist lunatics and we have to be ready for them

c) The show of force was necessary to sell the narrative in b) 

d) The narrative is necessary to justify the coming crackdown on ‘dangerous insurrectionist’ Trump supporters



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