By Duncan Smith

The party of hate…

For months, House Democrats led by that hag witch Nancy Pelosi refused to negotiate with Republicans on a new COVID relief bill while Democrats in the Senate filibustered measures in the upper chamber.

Businesses were closing. Millions of Americans were sustaining themselves with lifeline jobs, unemployment, charity, and hope.

When all was said and done and Joe Biden’s handlers defrauded our system to install him like a third-world puppet, Pelosi, that garbage human being and multi-millionaire, admitted that she had stalled COVID relief for political purposes — to hurt Trump.

As Biden shuffled into the Oval Office this week to sign executive orders prioritizing things like gender, letting men compete in women’s sports, wearing masks on federal wilderness lands, and killing tens of thousands of energy sector jobs, it has become even more obvious that the party now in complete control of our government flat-out doesn’t give a damn about any of us.

What’s more, they want to make it so that supporters of President Trump and liberty and freedom never again are ‘allowed’ to take power.

They’re going to do this by criminalizing speech and support for political candidates and movements they don’t approve of.

That will include going after political opponents as well, even when they use constitutional powers and legal authorities (on behalf of the Americans who elected them) to pursue perceived injustice — rather than focusing on legislation and policymaking that will actually benefit average Americans as Trump did.

The Hill has more:

Seven Senate Democrats are asking the Ethics Committee to open an investigation into GOP Sens. Josh Hawley (Mo.) and Ted Cruz (Texas) over the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The senators filed a complaint on Thursday with the committee asking that it probe whether Hawley and Cruz's objections to the Electoral College results violated the chamber's ethics rules.

'The Senate Ethics Committee should investigate their conduct to fully understand their role. The actions of which we know demand an investigation and a determination whether disciplinary action is warranted.  Until then, a cloud of uncertainty will hang over them and over this body,' the senators wrote.

Democratic Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.), Ron Wyden (Ore.), Tina Smith (Minn.), Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Tim Kaine (Va.) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio) teamed up on the ethics complaint.

The group specifically wants the Ethics Committee to probe if the two senators’ actions failed to '[p]ut loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to persons, party, or Government department' or if they engaged in 'improper conduct reflecting on the Senate' in connection with the attack.

What a disgusting joke these Democrat clowns are. What liars.

Challenging electoral results is legal. It’s constitutional. It’s not ‘insurrection.’

The only people responsible for the Capitol riot are the idiots who took part in it, Trump supporters or not. No one else. And certainly no U.S. senators.

But it’s not about “ethics” and it’s not about “justice.” This clown show is about consolidation of power, and that is all Democrats of today’s party give a rat’s a** about.


That much should be obvious by now.

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