By Duncan Smith

Bring us your poor, huddled masses…

…So they’ll vote for Democrats.

The party retained a thin majority in Congress following the November elections, but now they will use it to create a permanent, unbeatable majority.

And they’re going to do it very quickly — by changing immigration law.

Granted, Democrats don’t like to follow immigration laws already on the books, but they’ll follow this one because it will create tens of millions of new voters for them.

Joe Biden has said he favors giving illegal aliens currently living in the U.S. citizenship.

He has a plan to grant naturalization within eight years.

But already Democrats in Congress are trying to speed that up, including newly-installed Sen. Alex Padilla, who took Kamala Harris’ place.

“I think we might be able to do even more. I know Republican members are already trying to poke holes in it, take shots at it. The eight-year time period to wait, you know, I think it's on the table to maybe shorten that a little bit,” he told CNN Wednesday.

“But here's another element that hasn't been focused on yet: the cost of the naturalization application itself. You know, it's one thing to say, well, we need a path to citizenship for all undocumented individuals. I firmly believe that. But for the millions of eligible immigrants that can become citizens, sometimes it's frankly cost prohibitive, plus the wait times that you're referencing. So, there [are] a lot of layers to immigration reform that I'm hopeful we'll be able to tackle and move quickly on.'

He’d hedging; Democrats don’t give a damn about ‘costs,’ as evidenced by the fact that they want to start paying everyone two grand a month so Uncle Sugar can become everyone’s sugar daddy and control our lives.

What they do want, and will try to get — at any cost — is a permanent political majority.

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