By Duncan Smith


For the duration of President Donald Trump’s term in office, blue states spent hundreds of millions on lawsuits.

Practically every executive order of consequence that he issued was challenged in court.

And often, those states won.

Now that the most left-wing regime change is about to take place, expect unconstitutionality to become the norm.

Democrats don’t give a damn about ‘the rule of law’ or the Constitution when it comes to imposing their agenda.

Never have, never will.

Blue states have ignored federal immigration and pot laws for decades.

It’s time for red states to do the same when it comes to the crap Democrats in Congress are about to pass and a mentally incapable president will sign.

In the meantime, red states should ‘be like Texas.’

Breitbart News has details:

Texas is reportedly preparing for lawsuits against Joe Biden's incoming administration, the San Antonio Express-News reported Friday.

During his first 100 days in office, President-elect Joe Biden has 'vowed to roll back the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, push policies addressing climate change and potentially forgive student debt for thousands of Americans,' the article stated.

Biden has also said he will advocate for a mask mandate and wants Congress to pass another huge stimulus package.

'And in the longer term, Biden has talked about rewriting the tax code to raise taxes on the rich,' the report continued, adding that 'Texas is almost certain to fight him every step of the way”…

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Gov. Abbott shared the Express-News article, commenting, 'Texas will take action whenever the federal government encroaches on state's rights, or interferes with constitutionally rights, or private property rights or the right to earn a living.'

Red States: Be like Texas.

Joe Biden shouldn’t be in the White House anyway — Trump should be. And about those two Georgia races…

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