By Duncan Smith

Well, this is going to leave a mark…

Democrats are the smartest, most resourceful, and most competent when it comes to running governments.

Just put more trust in them, get out of the way, sit down, be quiet, and just let Democrats run things.

Everything will be just fine.

Or so they tell us, like, constantly.

With that in mind, and after being given months of lead time by President Donald Trump that a vaccine for COVID-19 was on the way, states run by those smart Democrats put in place surefire distribution systems to quickly and safely get vaccines into the arms of their neediest residents.

Right? Wrong.

Vaccine roll-outs in Democrat-run states like New York and California have been disasters. And while their pathetic governors blame everyone else but themselves and their incompetent underlings, one red state those uber-smart Democrats love to make fun of is kicking their asses both in vaccine distribution and administration.

That would be West Virginia.

The Epoch Times reports:

As states around the country struggle to distribute and administer COVID-19 vaccines to healthcare workers and the older population in long-term care facilities, West Virginia is leading the nation in both areas, with its immunization rate for these groups at almost 100 percent.

'Right now, we're at 98.1 percent, as far as vaccines in people's arms or names tied to it, you know, that are going to be put into people's arms immediately,' West Virginia Governor Jim Justice told 'Face the Nation' on Jan. 17.

'We're saving all kinds of lives. We're putting our kids back in school. West Virginia has been the diamond in the rough that a lot of people have missed,' he added. …

credits West Virginia's successful vaccine rollout to its 'regional community vaccination approach' that has been working with local pharmacies and health departments, with help from the National Guard.

'A lot of governors sat on their hands trying to come up with a system or a formula of what they were going to do. We didn't sit on our hands. I mean, we acted,' he said. 'We brought our local pharmacies in. We brought our local, you know, health departments in. We brought our National Guard in, and we started putting shots in people's arms because this thing is all about age, age, age.' …

The state also became the first to finish offering the vaccine to the staff and residents of all the 214 nursing homes and assisted living facilities before the end of December 2020.

But really though, how bad is the Democrat Party?

So bad that Justice switched to the Republican Party during an August 2017 rally featuring President Trump.

And now he’s kicking elitist Democrat butt when it comes to getting the most consequential vaccine in a century into the arms of his people.

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