By Duncan Smith

So much for ‘following the science’…

For nearly a year, left-wing lockdown lunatics have been pushing back against conservatives and libertarians who have been sounding the alarm over the loss of jobs, businesses, and, yes, even life.

What a bunch of uneducated rubes and, now, ‘insurrectionists’ we are!

How many times have you heard one of these morons scream, “Follow the science!” when they insist on keeping COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions in place in perpetuity — generally while they continue to draw paychecks.

It’s madness what we’re allowing these maniac authoritarians to do to our country.

In any event, one profession has been the most maniacal about lockdowns: Teachers.

Teachers unions all over the country have been pushing back for months against any effort to get our children — and them — back into schools.

We all know that we’re losing a generation of children due to online education which is nothing close to being as good as in-person learning for kids and teens.

And yet, the political ambitions of these unions — all leftism, all the time — is more important than living up to the standards of their profession.

Well now, here comes another study proving that COVID-19 transmission rates bare register in schools that have reopened.

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

A new peer-reviewed study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that in-school transmission of COVID-19 is “extremely rare.”

In a collaborative study between Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, researchers discovered that among 11 school districts with nearly 100,000 staff and students, there were no instances of children passing the coronavirus to adults during in-person instruction. Researchers found just 32 cases of either kid-to-kid or adult-to-adult coronavirus transmission over nine weeks.

The study also slammed school policies that ask individuals to self-quarantine if they come within six feet of a person infected with coronavirus for more than 15 minutes, even if both individuals wore masks. The study calls the policy “counter-productive,” as transmission of the coronavirus when properly wearing a mask is “uncommon” in school settings. Researchers also said the policy sends a mixed message to the public on the benefit of face coverings.

The study concluded that “schools can stay open safely in communities with widespread community transmission.”

Now for the leftist coup de grace: “A study of 4.4 million students found that minority and low-income children are disproportionately harmed by school closures,” the WFB reported.

Who cares more for minority and low-income children than liberals?

What’s going to be the left’s excuse NOW for keeping kids out of classrooms longer?

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