By Duncan Smith

‘China’ Joe has ties, you see…

There are a lot of reasons why the Democrats’ theft of President Donald Trump’s reelection will bode ill for our country.

Division has increased and will continue to do so.

We’re never going to see anyone prosecuted for illegally spying on Trump.

Hunter Biden (and his presidential father) will get passes for their illegal and illegitimate foreign business activities.

More left-wing activists will become federal judges.

Energy prices will skyrocket with the new administration’s war on fossil fuels.

The economy will tank and remain in the doldrums like it always does under left-wing policies.

And absolutely NO ONE in Biden’s world or Democrats, in general, will ever be de-personed by Big Tech.

How do we know?

The Daily Caller has the details:

At least 14 people who President-elect Joe Biden has picked to serve either in his administration or to advise his transition have worked for the Big Tech firms that cracked down earlier this week on President Donald Trump and a social media site popular with conservatives.

Apple's top lobbyist was a chief adviser to the Biden transition team. A former Facebook executive will serve as staff director in the Biden White House, and a former Twitter executive will serve as chief spokesperson for the National Security Council under Biden.

Current and former executives at those firms and two others, Google and Amazon, fill out other positions in the incoming Biden administration, or his transition team.

But you know what?

This deplatforming of conservatives and our best president ever is actually a blessing in disguise.

It will jumpstart the effort for us to build our own conservative/independent/patriotic infrastructure, so we no longer have to rely on the tech lords and corporate masters who hate us.

And that jumpstart needed to happen.

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