By Duncan Smith

Live to fight another day…

The vast majority of President Donald Trump’s voters know beyond any reasonable doubt that his reelection was stolen from him.

But most probably don’t know the extent of the theft — the depth of the corruption involved in committing the greatest political crime since Barack Obama okayed the ‘Spygate’ operation.

The day when the president’s supporters will hear the case laid out before them is Jan. 6, according to Vice President Mike Pence.

That is the day Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral college ballots.

It is also the day when Republicans in the House and Senate will join to object to fraudulently obtained electoral votes from a handful of battleground states that unconstitutionally changed their voting rules prior to Nov. 3.

'I know we all got our doubts about the last election … I promise you, come this Wednesday we'll have our day in Congress. We'll hear the objections. We'll hear the evidence, but tomorrow is Georgia's day,' Pence told a crowd in Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia, while campaigning for Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.), who face a Senate runoff election on Jan. 5.

The Epoch Times has more:

Pence, as vice president, is the president of the Senate. During the Joint Session, he will read the electoral votes for all 50 states, although some legal experts have suggested that he has the ability to reject slates of electors in certain states. Others have stipulated that Pence only has the ability to count states' electors.

Pence's role in the upcoming Joint Session was brought into a different light last week after Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) filed a lawsuit against the vice president to strike down a provision in the 1887 Electoral Count Act. Gohmert in his lawsuit—which was later dismissed—asserted that Pence is empowered by the Constitution's 12th Amendment to reject states' electors who favored Joe Biden.

The vice president on Monday didn't elaborate more on his role during the Joint Session of Congress.

Will the objections be successful?

Probably not.

Despite a growing number of brave Republicans, we know that there won’t be a single Democrat join them because they’re all about power and ‘their guy won.’

But make no mistake, anyone who says that this objection shouldn’t happen is not just a moron, but a constitutional midget.

It has to happen. History has to document this moment so that future generations will learn what happened — how an election was stolen and that a couple dozen of Congress’ bravest, most patriotic members stood up like our founders did and said ‘No, we’re not just gonna let this pass. The country is worth saving.’

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