By Duncan Smith

Do better, Utah…

Once upon a time, Mitt Romney seemed like a viable GOP option to become president of the United States.

But that was well before the era of Donald Trump, who has since not only managed to wrest the Republican Party away from empty suit RINOs like Romney, but he’s realigned the GOP with working men and women for whom the party was always meant to represent.

Meantime, Romney the political grifter who left Massachusetts for Utah so he could get elected continues to prove he’s never, ever going to be elected as a Republican president in our lifetimes because he hates what the party is now — the only bastion of constitutionalism remaining in the whole of our system.

In a statement on Saturday, this turd burglar blasted members of his own party — members of Trump’s party — because they dare to challenge election results that were unconstitutionally obtained for Joe Biden.

“The egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some, but dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic. The congressional power to reject electors is reserved for the most extreme and unusual circumstances,' Romney said.

Americans 'made their choice,' while Trump's legal challenges ultimately 'failed,” the grifter reasoned.

Oh, and you know, that Justice Department of Trump’s, they didn’t find any ‘evidence,’ either.

'The Justice Department found no evidence of irregularity sufficient to overturn the election. The Presidential Voter Fraud Commission disbanded without finding such evidence,' he said, going on to dismiss the effort led by a real constitutionalist, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to form a panel to examine allegations that several states changed their voting rules and procedures ahead of the Nov. 3 election in violation of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

This argument ignores the widely perceived reality that Congress is an overwhelmingly partisan body; the American people wisely place greater trust in the federal courts where judges serve for life,' Romney said.

'Members of Congress who would substitute their own partisan judgment for that of the courts do not enhance public trust, they imperil it,” he whined, adding:

Were Congress to actually reject state electors, partisans would inevitably demand the same any time their candidate had lost. Congress, not voters in the respective states, would choose our presidents.

Adding to this ill-conceived endeavor by some in Congress is the President's call for his supporters to come to the Capitol on the day when this matter is to be debated and decided. This has the predictable potential to lead to disruption, and worse.

I could never have imagined seeing these things in the greatest democracy in the world. Has ambition so eclipsed principle?

Just wow….what a coward.

Utah is a proud and wonderful state. Y’all deserve better than Benedict Arnold.

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