By Duncan Smith

Few have accused the Democratic Party propagandists pretending to be ‘unbiased journalists’ at CNN of being constitutional and legal experts, and after host Jake Tapper’s idiocy on Sunday, few will.

As he and other Democrat media operatives continue to pretend as though Joe Biden actually won the 2020 presidential election, Tapper accused the growing number of Republicans who plan to object to slates of electors from key battleground states, as they are legally entitled to do under the law, of trying to stage a “bloodless coup” — you know, the same thing his party and his colleagues have tried to do to President Donald Trump for the past four years.

“The state of our union is facing a perilous start to 2021. We are beginning the year with the pandemic at its most alarming level yet. December was the deadliest month of the pandemic so far in the U.S. 4 million vaccines have been administered and not close to the goal of 20 million. With 3,000 Americans dying every day, what are the president and a big chunk of congressional Republicans focused on? Undermining the results of the election, essentially a bloodless coup. Leading the Republican Party in a state of turmoil,” he whined.

“Saturday, 11 Republican senators said they would vote against counting electoral votes in Congress next week calling for, quote, an emergency ten-day audit of election returns despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud. The group is following the lead of Senator Josh Hawley, who says he will formally object to Biden's decisive win. Despite zero credible evidence that would justify such a move, zero,” he said.

‘Zero credible evidence?’


Try 1,400 pages of actual evidence.

But you know, when you avert your eyes and cover your ears when someone is trying to explain to you how the election was stolen based on that actual evidence, you can credibly claim, “I never heard or saw anything.”

Back to the ‘coup’ accusation, the GOP reps and senators are actually fighting to defend the Constitution using a real law that was passed in 1887 to prevent scumbags from stealing elections, like Democrats are trying to do today.

Because if we simply allow the theft to take place, then we don’t really have a functional country anymore.

Not that Jake Tapper understands that, cares about it, or gives a damn since, you know, his guy ‘won.’

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