By Duncan Smith

She certainly is a fighter…

If we could come up with a single word to describe former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, it might be ‘tenacious.’

Or ‘optimist.’

Powell has been working OT trying to prove that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

But thanks to a combination of cowardice and blatant judicial partisanship, she’s come up empty thus far, just like Trump’s campaign legal team,

However…she isn’t finished.

'There are multiple cases pending in the Supreme Court,' Powell said. 'We have four states in play in our petitions for emergency mandamus to ask the court to decertify ArizonaMichiganWisconsin, and Georgia because of all the massive fraud there,' she told FlashPoint host Gene Bailey last week.

The Epoch Times adds:

In the Arizona petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, the petitioners note their core claim is that 'the 2020 General Election was tainted by constitutional election fraud on a scale that has never been seen before in America, where hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal, fraudulent, ineligible or purely fictitious ballots were cast for Biden (along with hundreds of thousands of Trump votes that were intentionally destroyed, lost or switched to Biden), and this massive fraud changed the outcome from a Biden loss to a Biden 'win.’'

State election officials, the Department of Justice, and others have pushed back against claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, while the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has called the Nov. 3 election 'the most secure in American history.'

However, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reportedly confirmed in early December that there was foreign interference in the 2020 election.

'Well DNI Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the U.S. government. And he told CBS News that there was foreign interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November of this year and he is anticipating a public report on those findings in January,' CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge reported Dec. 3.

Bailey asked Powell if the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress, which is sure to confirm Joe Biden’s election theft, is 'the end of the path' for President Trump or if something else could possibly sway the election back to him.

'It's definitely possible because the Supreme Court can do what it wants to do,' Powell said, adding, 'but it gets more difficult the longer it takes.'

Yes, and we know what the Supreme Court has wanted to do thus far.

Punt this gross constitutional insult as far away from justices as possible.

What would our founders be doing right about now?

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