By Duncan Smith

Some people complain if they’re hung with a new rope…

Let it be known that, for the record, Donald Trump, the 45th president of these United States, was most responsible for getting new coronavirus vaccines to the public even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread.

Via “Operation Warp Speed,” Trump managed the unthinkable. The impossible (so he was told by everyone). They never-before-done.

He cleared regulatory hurdles with executive orders, got the funding through Congress, and empowered individual corporations to work at warp speed to develop the vaccines.

On the other hand…

Lifetime Washington bureaucrats and functionaries like Dr. Anthony Fauci literally did nothing to bring new COVID vaccines and treatments to the people.

In fact, after lying time and time again to the American people — about mask-wearing, about the severity of the disease, about its spread — he is the least trustworthy government health stooge of them all.

And he’s supposed to be the most trustworthy when it comes to pandemics, being the country’s lead immunologist and all.

What a disgrace.

But because lifetime bureaucrats are rewarded in our nation’s capital regardless of their imbecilic incompetence, it’s Fauci that will remain in his post just a while longer while Trump is the one who will be forced out.

How does that happen?

In any event, Fauci and another brainless twit, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, whined during a segment on her little-watched MSNBC affiliate Wednesday that Trump wasn’t getting the vaccine out fast enough.

He got two developed in record time and they’re being shipped as quickly as possible. But that’s not good enough.

Breitbart News notes:

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday on MSNBC's 'Andrea Mitchell Reports ' that Operation Warp Speed's Covid vaccine rollout was falling short of the administration's goal of administering 20 million shots in December because states had not been given the resources they require.

'So now we have two highly effective vaccines,” Mitchell said (yes, we do, and that’s thanks to Donald Trump). “Administering them has been anything but at warp speed. What we're seeing is, you know, the fact that only something like 2.8 million people have actually gotten their vaccines, 14 million doses have been distributed, though. That's really a big drop-off. President Trump is blaming the states. Do you agree with that?'

Fauci responded, 'We were hoping that as we ended December 31, we will have had 20 million doses in the arms of individuals. and obviously, from the numbers that you showed, Andrea, that's not the case.'

He continued, 'We really need to rethink or think more intensively about how we're going to reach out and help the states, help the states, and help the local authorities get this job done. '

'There has to be a strong relationship between the national approach and the local approach,” Fauci continued.

“You know, the national, first of all, centrally, you can't do it all alone. You have to have very active participation of the states and local authorities and local public health people to get this done. You have absolutely need that. But it's obvious, when you leave them on their own, without giving them direction, without giving them the kind of resources that they need, that they can't do it and this is proof positive. So hopefully, as we get into the beginning of the year, we'll see a change in that and we'll be able to get them the resources to do what they need to do,” he added.

The federal leviathan is anything but efficient, so that may be why vaccines aren’t being administered more quickly (and by the way, don’t states have any responsibilities at all to ensure quicker distribution?).

But at least there are vaccines to distribute. And these morons had nothing to do with that process.

And yet, they’re among the first to complain vaccinations ain’t happening fast enough.

Literally, if Trump cured cancer before leaving office, ingrates like Mitchell and functionaries like Fauci would complain he didn’t do it quickly enough.

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