By Duncan Smith

We have a ‘media whopper of the day’ winner.

As one mainstream outlet after another continues to pretend that Joe Biden actually won the November election, now they’re going to extreme lengths to ‘prove’ it by making outrageous claims.

Like one made by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

According to the paper, we’re supposed to believe that the reason why President Trump lost ‘narrowly’ to Biden in Georgia is because there was some major shift in the military vote:

President-elect Joe Biden's narrow victory in Georgia last month was driven in part by shifts toward the Democratic ticket in a collection of nine counties with strong ties to the military.

As a group, the military counties backed President Trump. However, his victory margin was 7.8 percentage points less than in 2016, a greater movement than the 5.3-point swing toward Mr. Biden statewide. And while voter turnout grew by less than 21% across Georgia, the number of votes cast in military counties rose by nearly 26%.

Oh, brother. 

Let’s get a couple things straight.

Number one, Joe Biden did not defeat President Trump, period.

And he damn sure didn’t get more military support that the president in military-heavy, military-friendly Georgia.

Biden represents the hard-left, regardless of what he says.

The hard left hates the military as much as it hates the rest of the country.

To believe this is to ignore our own eyes — like the video showing poll workers in Atlanta kicking everyone out of the building so they could count pre-positioned ‘ballots’ in secret.

These mainstream media morons will obviously come up with any lie to justify the theft of Donald Trump’s reelection because they never liked him to begin with and were part of the deep state cabal that tried to get rid of him for four years.

The WSJ just proved that.

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