By Duncan Smith

The deep state and Democrats may have stolen this election from President Donald Trump, but on his way out he’s going to make them pay.


The president refused to sign the new COVID ‘relief’ bill because stingy lawmakers who gave hundreds of billions to special interests and foreign countries only gave 600 bucks to Americans who are literally dying economically thanks to perpetual authoritarian virus lockdowns.

And Trump wants Americans to get $2,000 a piece, so he vetoed the bill.

The Wall Street Journal has more:

Some unemployment programs expired Saturday night, as President Trump's demand for larger direct payments to Americans left a sweeping legislative package of pandemic aid for businesses and families and funding for the government in limbo.

Millions of people were seeing their benefits suspended because of the delay and the federal government faced a possible shutdown on Tuesday.

Congress is scheduled to return early this week, although it is unclear whether lawmakers can reach a compromise that would address the president's objections. The measure passed with enough votes to override a potential presidential veto, but it was unclear whether Mr. Trump's opposition would persuade any Republicans to reconsider.

So — what will Congress do?

Trump explains all the pork in this short video:

Sure, lawmakers could simply override the president’s veto and tell Americans they simply have to settle for the crumbs they get, or they could do the right thing and insert a couple of lines in the existing legislation (changing $600 to $2,000, for instance) and send it back to the Oval Office.

Granted, the president will no doubt take heat for refusing to sign this bill because unemployment benefits ended. But you know what most people do when that happens?

They go out and suddenly find a job, which makes them net contributors to our society.

Once again, this president is putting Americans first instead of special interests. And once again, he is proving why he is really the one who ought to be returning to the White House Jan. 20.

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