By Duncan Smith

Fact: Any Democrat who claims he or she wants to ‘unify the country’ now that their brain-addled presidential candidate appears to have successfully stolen the election is lying their a$$es off.

[The latest] Case in point: Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

The Minnesota Democrat went on the most unhinged ‘news’ network on the air — MSNBC — to tell one of the dumbest hosts — Rachel Maddow — that President Donald Trump’s objections to a ‘COVID relief bill’ that only gives Americans stung by months of [Democrat] virus lockdowns a couple of hundred bucks is like ‘burning down’ our country.

'It is the second biggest stimulus in the history of America and for him to turn this down, obviously we have the votes to override his veto,' Klobuchar told the moronic Maddow, claiming that Trump is 'literally trying to burn this country down on his way out.'

She also described Trump's actions as 'an attack on our very democracy' and an 'attack on every American.'

Oh, please….

' People who are struggling to get by right now, out of work, whose unemployment, the unemployment is going to basically end the day after Christmas if this doesn't pass,” Klobuchar said — without mentioning that the wench from her party who runs the House, Nancy Pelosi, intentionally held up a new coronavirus relief package all summer because she believed it would hurt President Trump politically.

'People who are out of work, people who need the help, the vaccine distribution is in this, $30 billion, these vaccines are not going to just parachute into a small town in the middle of Minnesota,' she continued before accusing Trump of 'literally undermining our entire effort on testing and vaccine distribution' while describing the bill as a 'hard-fought negotiation.'

'Of course you're right, Democrats were pushing for more funds for the individual payments, but in the end, this was a negotiation, and he knows very well, we're reaching the end here with the unemployment, with our small businesses can't take it anymore,' Klobuchar claimed.

Yes, accusing the president of wanting to destroy the country “on his way out” — after he literally spent four years building it back up following eight years of economic malaise and decline under Obama — is certainly not very uniting.

But then, it’s not meant to be.

This idiot Klobuchar is no different than anyone else in her garbage party: It is they who seek to destroy our country with their socialism, their Marxism, and their “America last” agenda.

Oh, and by the way…

Trump is the one who thinks the six hundred bucks for Americans in the latest COVID ‘relief’ bill is a joke. He’s the one who wants the payments to Americans boosted to $2,000.

But yeah, he hates us and the country.

What an idiot Minnesotans send to the Senate year after year.

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