By Duncan Smith

Here’s the bottom line up front about Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.): He should no longer be on the House Intelligence Committee.

That’s the claim being made by his California (but not party) colleague, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

'I've been asking for this briefing since the story broke publicly,' the California Republican said regarding earlier reports that Swalwell was duped (and bedded?) by a Chinese spy named Fang Fang (a.k.a. Christine Fang) for years.

'I was not briefed. That's when I first learned about it. I had two different FBI briefings scheduled that were canceled on the day. And now it came on Friday, and we were briefed together, Speaker Pelosi and myself for more than an hour. I can't tell you about what's in it, but I can tell you this. What I learned today and anyone who was in that room with me would never allow Swalwell to be on the Intel Committee or to continue to be on it. I don't know if the briefing before for leaders if they had the same information they have today, but if that was the case, he should not be serving,” McCarthy continued.

He went on to note that Swalwell, the original Russian collusion truther, has falsely accused President Trump of doing things with Moscow’s minions that he himself has actually done with Chinese operatives.

'I can't talk about what's in it, but let's talk about what's publicly out there right now,' McCarthy explained. 'It wasn't that this spy known as a spy got to know him as a congressman but got to know him as a city councilman. It's told in the press that they, he, she helped raise money. They called her a bundler in the press, got her into – got him into Congress. And within his second term, he got probably one of the most powerful committees. That is one of the most difficult committees to sit on that it's not selected by your peers.

“It's selected by one person; the leader of the Democratic Party and the leader of the Republican selects the Republicans. I take this quite serious where you interview. This is also the same man when you asked him a part of this committee, the questions that he raised, what he said about Russia and others, many of the questions that he raised and posed to people are made accusations about people is actually what happened to him if you read the press,” he noted further.

“It was the FBI that went to him in the press, not he going to them. And this individual that they talk about, Christine Fang, she wasn't in the press saying the only person in America that she was getting – making relationships with, getting to know. So, pretty – I would assume it would be pretty serious if the FBI came to you that they knew this person was a spy for another country. And then take from a moment, what are the actions that he takes just in this last month,” McCarthy added.

“You talk about John Ratcliffe, the Director of Intel when he said that China is our greatest threat. Swalwell didn't say he was correct. Swalwell actually challenged him and said China is not. Now he's a part of the Intel Committee. So, he reads the reports that I read all the time as the Gang of Eight. Anyone who reads those reports would never make that accusation and would never say that. They would agree with [Director of National Intelligence] John Ratcliffe, and they would take actions to protect America.'

Unreal. It is simply unreal how corrupt and coopted the Democratic Party is vis a vis China.

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