By Duncan Smith

It’s bad enough that the Democrat-aligned deep state stole the election.

It’s worse that the people it was stolen for are actually going to be sworn in next month.

Yes, I know — I’m as big a supporter of President Trump and Vice President Pence as there is, but we have to face reality: No court, federal or otherwise, is going to change any election results.

It doesn’t matter that the Trump campaign has a boatload of evidence, sworn affidavits, and other proof.

No court wants to hear it, and that includes the Supreme Court.

So…we have gird our loins for battle against what will be the most radical left-wing assault on our Constitution since the British invasion of 1812.

That, and we’re going to have to ensure some of the goofiest, stupidest, dumbest foreign and domestic policies you can imagine, as the president-in-waiting Kamala Harris reminded us this week when she ticked off the four ‘most critical threats’ facing our country.

Not one of them is China. Not one of them is real.

Breitbart News has more details:

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris posted a video on Twitter Tuesday thanking her supporters and promising that she and President-elect Joe Biden would confront the 'four existential threats' facing the nation — coronavirus, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, racial injustice and climate change.

The video starts with a woman from Atlanta asking Harris: 'I want to know what is something exciting and fun that you want to do when you get to the White House?'

'Well, Kerry, one of the things that I'm looking forward to is cooking and my husband Doug is looking forward to the same,' Harris said.

Watch this lunacy here:

'But you know, as the president-elect and I said on the campaign trail, we're in the midst of four existential crises — a pandemic, a recession, a long-overdue reckoning on racial injustice, and, of course, the climate crisis,' Harris said.

'And as we address these crises, I know what I'm looking most forward to is small businesses getting back on their feet,' Harris said. 'You know, children going back to school every day like the president-elect said.'

Coronavirus isn’t going to be a problem in a few months because, thanks to President Trump’s administration, we have two vaccines.

The recession a) was caused by shutting down our economy based on the advice of ‘experts’ who have been wrong, wrong, wrong about COVID-19 throughout the pandemic; and b) it remains shut down in portions of the country run by Democratic fascist tyrants who can ‘fix’ the ‘recession’ by reopening.

America is the most unbiased, fair, equal country on the planet, so what Harris an other activists of color really mean is that they want to be more than equal, as in, they want rights white people won’t get because they believe they ‘own’ whites for practices that ended decades ago (thanks to white people ending them).

Climate changes. That’s what it does. Getting rid of SUVs, all energy production, and cattle farts isn’t going to affect the climate one iota. Climate change is a red herring leftists want to use to control the way Americans live. 

Hell no.

And besides, let’s be honest and frank here: Joe Biden is not our real president and Harris is not our real vice president. Trump was so popular they had to cheat to ‘beat’ him.

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