By Duncan Smith

We’ve never understood the Democratic left’s aversion to law enforcement.

But we do know this: The more leftist Democrats dismiss the rule of law, the more lawless their cities become.

Portland, Ore., is the poster child for failed left-wing ‘social justice’ policies.

Case in point, as reported by Breitbart News:

Portland Fire and Rescue officials are looking to question a person seen in surveillance footage apparently setting fire to a local restaurant. The suspected arsonist acted after the restaurant owner criticized vandalism in the area committed by Antifa.

On November 23, a suspected arsonist set fire to Reo's Ribs located in Portland's Hollywood District…When firefighters arrived on the scene, they observed smoke pouring out of the rear of the building and flames both on the interior and exterior.

The video shows the suspected arsonist setting a fire at the rear of Reo's Ribs. The person continues to add more fuel. The person is in plain view of the street while setting the fire.

KOIN said fire officials said they would like to question the suspect. They did not report if fire officials knew the identity of the person.

So, you criticize Antifa in its de facto capital city, and you pay…with your business.

This blatant criminal act comes on the heels of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the local police chief caving to armed insurrectionists who established a “zone” around a house that had legally been foreclosed on with threats to take on police if they tried to evict them.

Does anyone think such behavior by domestic terrorists and resultant capitulation by law enforcement will produce more or fewer criminal acts of rebellion?

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