By Duncan Hunter

A caller to Rush Limbaugh’s program this morning vented frustration with the way the U.S. Supreme Court merely swatted away the lawsuit filed by Texas last week against four states that unconstitutionally changed their voting rules and procedures ahead of this year’s election.

The caller seemed to think that SCOTUS, along with lower federal courts refusing to hear cases of voter fraud, is trying to find any reason they can to impede justice.

“They basically kind of suggest that, well, we don't have jurisdiction, or we don't have an acceptable remedy or the case is moot or the person doesn't have standing. I'm kind of wondering, are they basically all say that it's impossible to bring an election lawsuit because it's just impossible to bring an election lawsuit on the merits?” the caller, Kiril, said.

Rush offered a different take: No, it’s really just about getting rid of Donald Trump.

Per his website:

No, I don't think that's what saying because if it's a case they wanted to take, they would take it. You know, a friend of mine sent me a note after the Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas case. And the note is, 'Supreme Court just said that a state that cheats in a national election, which screws everybody in the nation, is the only entity that's allowed to do anything about it? It's asinine. It's like saying the only person who can prosecute a murder is the murderer.'

His point is the Supreme Court said we cannot allow one state to start suing other states because it would soon be out of control and so forth. I think there's a common denominator in all this that people — I mean you know this, but you may not have put it in your equation. This is strictly about getting rid of Donald Trump. There isn't an entity in the American deep state, Washington establishment, whatever, that doesn't want to get rid of Donald Trump, including enough justices on the Supreme Court.

I think there's some additional reasons why and the court gave its reasons, but the bottom line is that this is the best chance they've ever had to get rid of Trump and they're not gonna hear these cases. They want him gone. It's no more — in my humble estimation — no more complicated than that. The precedents that are being set, precedents are made to be broken. Supreme Court can break any precedent it wants any time it wants down the line, depending on if they get a case that they want to hear, if they get a case that they want to decide.

As always, America’s Anchorman is spot-on. This is just about getting rid of the greatest president (to buck the power of the deep state) in our lifetimes.

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