By Duncan Smith

We keep being told that ‘there’s no evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 election.’

But if you notice, we’re being told that by the same people who kept insisting there was evidence of the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax, that President Trump deserved to be impeached, and that the FBI didn’t spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

With all that in mind, the Western Journal has posted a story containing a ‘game-changing video’ that purports to show how Dominion Voting Systems machines in Georgia were likely manipulated to ‘create’ votes out of thin air.


In the videos, Misty Martin, elections director of Coffee County, gives a step-by-step demonstration of how this fraud could have taken place.

In the first video, Martin walks through the process, which involves election supervisors analyzing ballots that were unable to be scanned into the Dominion machines.

Martin seemingly demonstrated in the video, however, that an election official can simply use Dominion's software to process any ballot however he or she sees fit.

Trump votes could be turned into votes for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, or vice versa. Blank ballots could be attributed to any candidate.

Essentially, election supervisors would have the power to use this system to create votes from nothing.

In the second video, the camera is taken outside what is presumably an office for election supervisors, illustrating that poll observers would not be able to tell exactly what is going on if they were made to stand outside of the office.

You watch. You decide.

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