By Duncan Smith

Political consultant Robert Foster was one of tens of thousands of Americans who went to Washington, D.C., over the weekend to protest the very obvious election fraud that took place this year.

And his message to America is one that ought to resonate with anyone who doesn’t want America to devolve into the world’s only nuclear-armed banana republic.

'I say this loudly: count each legal vote,' he said. 'As an American citizen, as you are, we have an opportunity to have a free and clear election. This is not a third world country. We're a country that leads other countries.'

'That's all that the people asking for,' he told NTD.

The Epoch Times has more:

Thousands gathered to join marches and rallies in Washington on Dec. 12, petitioning the government for fair elections and transparent counting. Similar grassroots protests took place every Saturday since the general election in capitals across the 50 states.

Foster wasn't disappointed by the Supreme Court's rejection of a lawsuit brought by Texas against four states for an unconstitutional election the day before. He said you don't play all your aces at once, and this just means that God has made room for something bigger.

Foster thinks the relationships Americans are forming during this time are playing a major role in uniting America for the future.

He went on to say he sees the unfolding battle as one of socialism versus liberty.

“No, it's not an idea,” he said, dismissing the notion that socialism is some abstract concept. “I had the privilege of living overseas for a long period of my life. There was something there called communism. And it's also called socialism. And those two things, they also birth something called anarchy,' he said.

'Anarchy does not come to make a country better. It comes to divide the people to conquer them by mind, and to step on their ideas, it means that you and I will not be able to do what we're doing now. Reporters don't have the freedom to ask free questions,' he added.

'We have an opportunity to make history, a miracle can always happen, and only takes one second for it to happen,' he said. 'It takes a day for everything to be able to grow. If you plant a tree. It takes years for it to manifest itself, and the opportunity for you and I as we're setting aside this interview together. I really want us to understand one thing: it is not over, not until the fat lady sings.'

We agree with everything Foster said. The problem is this: If freedom lovers let this election theft stand, there will never be another free, fair election again — and there certainly won’t ever be anymore leaders like Donald Trump.

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