By Duncan Smith

Have you ever had an annoying aunt who only shows up to family events, seemingly, to troll, harass, and spoil the get-together for everyone else?

That’s what Hillary Clinton is like: She’s the spinster aunt that nobody likes, nobody wants to be around, and nobody wants to see.

Yet, she comes anyway.

Earlier this week, this two-time presidential loser took to Twitter to make some amazingly inaccurate claims about the recently election in which deep state forces stole from the rightful winner, President Donald Trump.

'The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud. The states have certified the results. Yet Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of our democracy. The emperor has no clothes. Republican electeds who continue to humor him have no spines,' she wrote.

I reality:

— Yes, it wasn’t close: Trump was beating Joe Biden like a drum and it was statistically impossible (sans massive vote fraud) for him to have won;

— Yes, there is a plethora of evidence of vote and election fraud, as contained in more than 1,000 signed, sworn affidavits obtained by Team Trump;

— Several of the states have certified bogus, tainted results;

— The last ’emperor’ we want to see without clothes is Hillary Clinton.

But the two-time loser wasn’t done there.

In a subsequent — and very tone-deaf — interview with ‘voting rights activist’ Stacey Abrams, who still has refused to concede her Georgia gubernatorial loss because a bunch of white racist people ‘stole the election’ from her — Clinton simply gushed over the latter’s efforts to ‘fight voter suppression.’

'Well, I think all of us are going to be following your lead once again because we have a few short weeks to try to continue this positive movement that Georgia has demonstrated,' Clinton said as they discussed Biden's alleged lead in Georgia and the coming Senate runoff elections in the state in January.

'You know, Stacey, I know how busy you are. You've been rallying the troops, thanking people for everything that they've done. Have you had a minute just to sit back and take it in, put your feet up, relax at all?' Clinton asked.

'I think I had like 14 minutes on Sunday,' Abrams said. 'But we've got some work to do.'


They should have discussed fighting voter suppression of legitimate, real Georgians who cast winning ballots for Trump but who have now actually become disenfranchised by the vote theft.

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