By Duncan Smith

The leftists who form Democrat Joe Biden’s brain trust and policy shops are champing at the bit to have him sign all kinds of executive orders reversing actions taken by the legitimate president, Donald Trump.

But they also want the old man to go further: They want him to take away ‘Merica’s dreaded “assault weapons” — those gawd-awful military-looking semi-autos that are used in something like 0.01 percent of crimes.

And they want him to just write an order to command it.

Only, Biden apparently still has enough functional gray matter left to understand that, constitutionally, he doesn’t have the smoke to pull that off.

Breitbart News has more:

Joe Biden admitted he lacks 'executive authority' to ban 'assault weapons' when the subject was broached during a December 8, 2020, meeting with civil rights leaders.

An audio recording of the meeting was shared by The Intercept's De-Constructed, and listeners can hear Biden respond to calls for aggressive executive action by assuring the leaders that where possible, he will use executive authority to 'undo every damn thing [President Trump] has done by executive authority.'

Biden said, 'But I'm not going to exercise executive authority where it's questioned.' He then referenced doing away with 'assault weapons' and said, 'There's no executive authority to do away with that.'

He added, 'No one's fought harder to get rid of 'assault weapons' than me, but you can't do it by executive order. You do that and the next guy comes along and says, 'Well, guess what, by executive order…everybody can own machine guns again.’' …

Breitbart News reported that Associated Press addressed this scenario, noting that Biden's fight for gun control would be an uphill battle.

The 'assault weapons' ban and other gun controls being sought by the left, with the exception of red flag laws, are basically the same controls Democrats have been pursuing since the early 1990s. And the AP reported 'it will be a tall order to get a majority of lawmakers on board,' regardless of which party controls Congress.

Look at that. Biden remembers what ‘executive authority’ is and that it has limits.

Remember when DACA Barack didn’t care and changed immigration law with the stroke of a pen? Remember when Justice John Roberts ruled that was perfectly fine for DACA Barack to do?

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