By Duncan Smith

If anyone has exposed the fallacy of the global liberal world order, it’s Donald Trump, hands down.

And nowhere is this more obvious than in the Middle East.

The president’s diplomatic efforts have led to another peace deal between Israel and an Arab-majority country, as Reuters reports:

Israel and Morocco agreed on Thursday to normalize relations in a deal brokered with U.S. help, making Morocco the fourth Arab country to set aside hostilities with Israel in the past four months.

It joins the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan in beginning to forge deals with Israel, driven in part by U.S.-led efforts to present a united front against Iran and roll back Tehran's regional influence.

In a departure from longstanding U.S. policy, President Donald Trump agreed as part of the deal to recognize Morocco's sovereignty over the Western Sahara, a desert region where a decades-old territorial dispute has pitted Morocco against the Algeria-backed Polisario Front, a breakaway movement that seeks to establish an independent state in the territory.

President-elect Joe Biden, due to succeed Trump on Jan. 20, will face a decision whether to accept the U.S. deal on the Western Sahara, which no other Western nation has done.

Note the highlighted portions above.

Now, clearly, the left-wing reporter at Reuters, Steve Holland, was trying to give the same impression that the rest of the garbage liberal media tries to give — that Trump is just a rogue who ‘shuns and demeans’ our ‘allies’ — and without ever realizing that his approach is what is working, not the ‘longstanding U.S. policies’ championed by monumental morons like John Kerry.

Here is this loser telling an ‘international forum’ in 2016 that without giving in to the Palestinians — you know, half of Israel and all of Jerusalem (which only Trump finally recognized as the Jewish state’s rightful capital), there could never be peace deals in the Middle East:

This lunacy ranks right up there with his former boss, Barack Obama, claiming that Trump, a billionaire businessman, would have to have a “magic wand” to bring back American manufacturing (which he has to a very large extent).

The people ‘running things’ for decades hate Donald Trump because he’s not one of them, for certain.

But they also hate him because he exposes them as know-nothing charlatans, frauds, and opportunists, which explains why they would disenfranchise nearly 75 million of his voters by stealing an election.

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