By Duncan Smith

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a godsend to left-wing elected leaders around the country because it’s allowed them to become the dictators they’ve always wanted to be.

Democracy is messy, you see, and republicanism even more so because both concepts empower we the people, not those we elected to represent us.

And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just can’t stand that to the point where he’s threatening to ignore a Supreme Court ruling and the First Amendment’s religious freedom protections because he’s a massive anti-Semite.

The Gothamist reports that de Blasio has threatened to permanently close a major Jewish synagogue for the crime of daring to hold religious services and events during a pandemic.

Unlike the commie mayor, the Jews who belong to the synagogue have read the Constitution and have found no “pandemic provision” that gives elected leaders the right to ignore our founding document at will for the sake of playing power politics.

The outlet notes:

A Brooklyn ultra-Orthodox sect that’s openly flouted coronavirus public health measures for months could soon lose its Williamsburg headquarters “once and for all,” Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened on Tuesday.

On Monday, the funeral of a 94-year-old rabbinic judge — Yisroel Chaim Menashe Friedman — drew hundreds of largely unmasked observers to the Satmar community’s main Williamsburg synagogue at 152 Rodney Street.

Asked about the gathering during his daily briefing Tuesday, de Blasio said he’d initiate a “clear dialogue” with Jewish community leaders — with the possibility of more drastic action if that outreach failed.

If we see another confirmed situation in which an inappropriate event is happening in that same building, then we're going to have to move to shut down the building once and for all,” the mayor warned. “That would be next step if we see non-compliance.”

The congregants should politely — or impolitely — tell the mayor where he can stick his threat and dare him to send goon squads to shut them down.

His forces should be met with superior numbers who have the same message for Hizzoner: ‘Go [blank] yourself. The First Amendment isn’t a suggestion, it’s a guarantee.’

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