By Duncan Smith

Last week, the Trump campaign introduced bombshell video from the State Farm Center in Atlanta showing five poll workers staying behind after GOP poll watchers and other counters were dismissed for the night along with the media.

The group counted ballots that were squirreled away underneath a table and hidden by a table cloth.

There’s no way those were valid ballots.

Valid ballots were being brought in all day by normal methods — in USPS containers and other totes in plain view.

Here’s the video and explanation from Jacki Pick, a lawyer who is not on the Trump campaign staff but volunteered to help present the video evidence.

Giuliani is now imploring Georgia legislators to refrain from handing their electoral votes to Joe Biden after this obvious fraud in a Democrat stronghold (Atlanta).

“The 'Bank Heist' tape changes the result in Georgia,” he tweeted. “The State Legislature has no choice but to assume its powers under the US Constitution, article II (1) [2] and select Trump electors. More important it seems to have the courage to do so.”

“Are we going to let Democrats steal the election in front of our faces,” he added. “If we cant stand up to the pressure of saving our country from rampant voter fraud because we are afraid of the elite reaction, we better find more courageous people for our party.”

No. Truer. Words.

Because here’s the thing.

One, this kind of abject fraud has probably been going on in Democrat stronghold cities for years.

Two, if Democrats can blatantly cheat and steal elections with impunity and without fear of prosecution, they’ll continue to do so.

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