By Duncan Smith

The only thing worse than a ‘news’ network broadcasting COVID-19 cases and deaths in real-time is repeatedly inviting on a political grifter and hack like Mitt Romney to bash President Donald Trump…over COVID-19.

Even as the president’s administration is set to approve not one but two new coronavirus vaccines that were developed in record time under Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” this BS artist, Romney — who couldn’t win the presidency if he was running unopposed — has the audacity to claim the president is incompetent.


“This hasn’t been the focus of his rhetoric apparently and I think it’s a great human tragedy. … The extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking… from Washington, we have not had a constant, consistent plan,” Romney said, in part.

Watch this:

Trump literally had two vaccines developed in a span of six months. And now his FDA is about to approve them for emergency distribution.

Can you, dear reader, think of one damned thing Mitt Romney has done in that same time span to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and save lives, other than run his big mouth?

Breitbart News has more:

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Thursday on CNN's 'Situation Room' that President Donald Trump's leadership through the coronavirus pandemic had been 'a great human tragedy.'

Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, 'Yesterday on the coronavirus, it was the single deadliest day of the pandemic. More than 2,800 Americans were reported dead just yesterday alone, more than 100,000 people are hospitalized all across the country. The CDC director says the next three months will be, in his words, the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. So here is the question, Senator, where is the president's leadership? He's obsessed with everything else, not with this.'

Romney said, 'Well, this hasn't been the focus of his rhetoric, apparently. And I think it's a great human tragedy, without question. The extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking. And in some respects, unnecessary. Not in all respects, but we've relaxed our standards as individuals. Some states haven't had mask mandates, and from Washington, we've not had a constant, consistent plan and plea for people to wear masks, to social distance, to take all the measures that would reduce the spread of this disease. It's unfortunate that this became a political issue. It's not political. This is public health. And, unfortunately, we have not made that message clear enough to the American people. And people are dying because of it.'

He added, 'Unless you take this very, very seriously and communicate that this is not a political matter, this is not a matter of liberty, this is a matter of safety and public health.

What a small, insignificant man Romney is. No wonder Trump didn’t want him in his Cabinet; he’s a scumbag.

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