By Duncan Smith

Love him or hate him, Roger Stone is one bombastic individual who loves milking the media for attention.

But on one critical issue — keeping the U.S. Senate in GOP hands in the face of a likely Joe Biden administration and Democrat-controlled House — he’s become a sobering voice of sanity.

For reasons only they can explain, attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are urging Republican voters in Georgia to sit out next month’s crucial Senate run-off elections.

If both incumbent GOP senators — David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — lose, then it’s a 50-50 chamber with Vice President Kamala Harris the tiebreaker vote, effectively giving the entire Congress to lunatic Democrats, as well as the White House.

In a word, no.

Breitbart News has more:

Roger Stone is urging Georgians to vote for Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the January 5 Senate runoff election in the wake of attorneys Sidney Powell's and Lin Wood's calls to refrain from voting.

Stone, a longtime Republican operative, wrote Wednesday on Parler it is 'imperative' that voters turnout for the Republican candidates and that he disagrees with Powell and Wood, who told a crowd yesterday in Alpharetta, Georgia, that Georgians should not vote in the upcoming election.

He wrote on Parler:

I have the highest possible regard for @sidneypowell who was extraordinarily effective in her representation of that great American hero @genflynn . I have more recently come to admire lawyer @linwood as a Christian gentleman and very able lawyer but. respectfully disagree with them and @ali who I have sometimes called “Sammy Davis the 3rd if he agrees with them when they discourage Georgia voters from voting in the upcoming US Senate runoff January 5 it is imperative that Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and disaffected Democrats turn out and vote for the two Republicans @kloeffler and David Perdue in the peach state. #stopthesteal

Roger Stone is exactly right.

Republicans can’t sit around and be content with winning ‘moral battles.’

We have to win political battles and, if it becomes necessary, actual battles.

Democrats are cancer on the body politic. Conservative, constitutional, GOP leadership is the cure.

There can be no alternatives.

If you live in Georgia and you’re a Republican, go vote for the GOP candidate.

Do not listen to the ‘counsel’ of fools telling you to stay home for any reason.

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