By Duncan Smith

There’s not a doubt in our minds around here that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

We know. We know Democrats, deep down, know it, too, but they don’t care because their guy ‘won’ so, like the massive hypocrites they are, they will look the other way and pretend for the next four years that Joe Biden’s victory was real and a ‘mandate.’

It was neither.

So, after four years of trying to depose Donald Trump with fake ‘Russian collusion’ allegations, charges of ‘he’s crazy enough to be removed by the 25th amendment,’ a phony Ukrainian scandal and impeachment, Democrats and their allies in the deep state resorted to an old tactic: Stealing an election.

We continue to believe the president has some path to victory but the window is closing.

And if it does, Trump should use his remaining time in office very wisely.

To that point, one of the best ideas we’ve heard about so far comes from Daniel Oliver.

Writing at The Federalist, he says the president should fire a deep stater for every vote stolen, and frankly, the sooner the better:

Arnaud-Amaury is not exactly a household name in America, but Donald Trump could change that. Arnaud-Amaury was the Cistercian monk who commanded the church's forces at the Massacre at Béziers, which we do remember (it was the first major battle of the Albigensian Crusade) on July 22, 1209, just 811 years before Trump lost the presidential election by a few hundred thousand ballots, at least some of which were fraudulent, to an old pol who might be the most corrupt person ever elected to the office of president of the United States.

The story is that when Arnaud-Amaury led his soldiers into the city of Béziers, they informed him that they were unable to distinguish between the heretics and the faithful. Arnaud-Amaury is said to have replied: 'Kill them all. God can tell which are His.'

If that's good enough for a ninth-century Cistercian monk, it ought to be good enough for Trump, whose place in the history books to be written by the left-wing, woke 'intellectuals' and their ilk, cannot possibly be lowered by anything he says or does from now until the day of judgment. It's time for Trump to get even — he owes that to his supporters — and to do good while he's at it.

The administrative state has opposed him relentlessly since the day he took office — actually since before he took office, as the deep-staters laid the groundwork for either removing him or paralyzing him, which is to say, preventing him from doing the work he was constitutionally elected to do.

Now Trump, channeling his inner Arnaud-Amaury, should do what he should have done as soon as he took office: remove deep-staters wholesale, starting, obviously, with the FBI and the CIA. He should fire the top 100 people at both agencies. The FBI's performance has been disgraceful, both at the beginning of the Trump presidency (the Russia collusion hoax and the Mueller faux-investigation) and at the end, with the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Make that 200.

From there, Oliver writes, Trump should just start working his way through every government agency.

Get rid of them all. But can he? Would it be legal?

Who cares?

“Trump should fire them all and let history sort it out,” Oliver notes.

What a great idea.

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