By Duncan Smith

If there were any better demonstration of how jacked up our ‘system’ and governing institutions have become 250 years after our founders put it all on the line for liberty, we can’t think of one at the moment.

Instead of churning out license plates for two bucks a day, Director Rat Fink, James Comey, will instead be given a plush job teaching ‘law’ at Columbia University in New York.

The Washington Examiner has more:

Columbia Law School announced that former FBI Director James Comey will begin teaching at the school in January.

'Comey's experience represents a broadening of the Mark Initiative's focus to include leadership of major public institutions, complementing existing offerings relating to corporations and law firms,' the school said in a statement. 'In addition to his government work, Comey led the in-house legal teams at major corporations, including Lockheed Martin Corp. and Bridgewater Associates, and previously held a senior research appointment with Columbia Law School's National Security Law Program.'

Comey will be a distinguished fellow of the Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership. He will also lead a new seminar entitled 'Lawyers and Leaders.'

President Trump fired Comey as director of the FBI in May 2017 after a tumultuous few years leading the agency. Trump cited Comey's handling of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server as the reason for his dismissal, especially after he held a press conference laying out the evidence against Clinton in July 2016 but took the unusual step of recommending no charges against the former secretary of state.

Yes, what an “unusual step,” alright.

But we know why he did that now, don’t we? Because he was actively involved in the plot to block President Trump from getting into office or staying there for long after he won.

Again, there is no better example than this of the stinking, fetid, nasty carcass of a republic we have left after a century’s worth of infiltration by corporatists, globalists, and deep state control freaks who wipe their behinds with the Constitution and blow their noses with the Bill of Rights.

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