By Duncan Smith

The disgusting, dishonest left-wing ‘mainstream media’ are loathe (and slow) to admit it, but their favored political party got shellacked in the 2020 elections.

So much so, in fact, that Democrat allies in the deep state had to cheat to keep President Trump from winning a second term.

Republicans, and especially GOP women, won big this year, flipping blue states red and making gains in Congress and in state legislatures they were not supposed to make (according to the garbage polling data we all endured again this year).

Several of those GOP women are now speaking out about their victories and their party’s gains, including Congresswoman-elect Nicole Malliotakis (pictured) of New York.

She told CNN host Dana Bash on Sunday that she and other Republican women ran because Democratic women elected in 2018 'don't necessarily reflect our values, particularly those who are self-described socialists.'

'What do you think this says about the future of the GOP, a future that a lot of people over the past few years have been pretty worried about?' Bash asked.

'Well, look, this is what I have always known about the GOP, that we are a big tent party, that we do have people that come from different places from around the world. We do incorporate women, and now we’re seeing women having a seat at the table, which is tremendous,' Malliotakis said.

“When you look back in our nation’s history, the first female member of Congress was a Republican woman, Jeannette Rankin in 1917, and we have come such a long way from then. I think it’s upon people like Nancy and I to now pay it forward, to recruit other women,' the congresswoman-elect said.

'One of the reasons why you saw so many women take office on the Republican side was because of the efforts of Leader Kevin McCarthy, because of people like Elise Stefanik, Liz Cheney, Steve Scalise, who went out there and recruited qualified women who have something to share with the American people and who have the experience and the background to be productive participants in the legislative process,' she added.

'And I think some of the — one of the reasons why we were so motivated to run is seeing the Democratic women being elected in 2018 that don’t necessarily reflect our values, particularly those who are self-described socialists. Somebody like me, the daughter of a Cuban refugee, I want to be there to be a part of the discussion and the debate and provide a counterview,' Malliotakis said.

When asked why Republican women performed better this year than in the past, Congresswoman-elect Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) (below) said, 'Well, we had more women running this year, and it was an exciting time. We saw in 2018 a record number of Democrat women run and win, and if women want to have a seat at the table, then we have got to raise our hand and say, we are going to step into the arena, risk it all, and we are going to run, and we have to have more women run to win, and we can’t just do this year in 2020.

'This is something we have to do especially in the House every two years, when we have our election cycles, but we made a huge difference this year, and if we want to have a seat at the table, women have to run, and they have to win,' Mace said.

'And the great thing about this story this year, Dana — and I’m so appreciative of you having Nicole and I on today — is that it’s not just Democrat women that have a monopoly on breaking glass ceilings. Republican women have been doing it all year long in these elections all across the country,' she said.

'And, in fact, 26 of the 27 toss-up races here this year were won by women, minorities, combat vets, and, in my case, I was in a lean Democrat seat that we took back this year, and it’s just an exciting time to be part of history, with all these great hardworking women,' Mace added.

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