By Duncan Smith

Our country has had its share of problems throughout our 243-plus year history, no doubt about it.

We’ve even fought amongst ourselves during the Civil War.

But throughout it all, the majority of our institutions worked. They were functional. For the most part, we the people were served.

Not anymore.

For decades now, our institutions have slowly eroded and are now to the point where they barely function as they were designed, if at all.

Political corruption is at an all-time high. No one is punished for their crimes, either, unless you’re a normal citizen or connected in any way to the only real outsider on the political scene today, President Donald Trump.

And speaking of our duly elected president, after trying to depose him for four years for the ‘crime’ of winning, the deep state finally got him.

But they had to cheat to do it, of course.

Anyone with open eyes and a rational train of thought knows that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election outright.

The man barely campaigned. He refused to discuss pressing issues. He never revealed what he would do if he won. He was barely intelligible at times.

And our disgusting, dishonest media establishment let him get by with it.

Now, they’re covering up his election theft.

It gets worse, though. According to a new survey, a majority of Republicans no longer believe in our institution of “free and fair elections.”

Breitbart News reports:

The majority of Republicans do not believe the 2020 presidential election was free or fair, a Morning Consult survey released Tuesday showed.

Sixty-three percent of Republicans said the election was not 'free and fair.' Of those, 40 percent said it was 'definitely' not free or fair. Less than one-third of Republicans, or 31 percent, said the election was free and fair, and the vast majority of Democrats, 92 percent, agreed.

Republican trust in the election system has decreased exponentially in the days following the poll, falling to 37 percent. Sixty percent of Republicans distrust the election system, while 80 percent of Democrats trust it.

The survey asked respondents what President Trump should do, given the media's declaration of Joe Biden winning the election. Only 18 percent of Republicans said Trump should 'concede right away' compared to 72 percent of Democrats who said the same.

Mind you, for the past four years, most Democrats thought that Trump ‘stole the election’ with Russian help — a complete hoax that we have since learned was fabricated by Hillary Clinton.

So what are we left with? Half the country, depending on the presidential winner, doesn’t believe the outcome is legitimate.

Our country cannot survive without trust in our institutions, and frankly, we aren’t too certain that this destruction of our trust isn’t intentional.

There are people who hate the independence we were bequeathed by our founders. They hate individualism and liberty and freedom. They don’t want us to govern ourselves; they want to rule over us like tyrants and authoritarians.

So the best way to usher in top-down government is to destroy faith in the institutions of republicanism.

And the deep state is doing that…daily.

Losing faith in our elections is the last straw.

What’s the solution? At this point, there isn’t any shot at ‘unifying’ anymore, so we need to start thinking in terms of a ‘peaceful divorce.’

There is no other way.

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